Friday, April 30, 2010

Pottery videos

I haven't had much to say lately so I figured I'd just video myself throwing pots.

These aren't meant to be teaching videos, just kind of voyueristc joy for the curious.  I do remove the sound though.  There's really no relevant sound to be had since the only noise is from the TV I'm watching and I'm assuming you don't want to listen to a rerun of Little House on the Prairie (don't judge me!)  So I'll be posting videos throughout the day.

Totally safe for work!  No sound and no nudity!

Here's a textured mug.

Another textured mug.

Cauldron body

As far as I know, most people thrown lids upside down and then add knobs after the fact. When I can, I try to throw them right side up and then carve out the big pad of clay it sits on later.

A plain ole big mug.

Oh! This one is interesting. Most people make goblets in 2 pieces and then put them together. I make them in one piece.

And another big mug

And one more big mug with texture.