Saturday, June 12, 2010

Glazin glazin glazin

I be glazin!  I hate glazin!  Necessary evil as far as I'm concerned.

Here's my glazing space, also known as the laundry room/entrance to our house.

Check out that bottle of wax by the sink.  I don't think I've opened it in a couple of years.  I discovered that I hate waxing and I suck at it.  Can't do a straight line to save my life.  Instead, I glaze the whole pot and then wipe off the foot with a wet sponge.  It seems to wipe off a clean line around the foot that looks good even if it's not a perfect straight line.  However, it comes out to be a perfect straight line far more often than it did when I waxed.

I've now found that if I scrape the dried glaze off with the edge of a spatula first and then sponge, I end up not accidentally wiping off part of the glaze in the bottom of the pot as much.

Now that I've discovered that some glazes work better at cone 6 and some will be destroyed if I fire them above cone 5 1/2, I have to mark which pots go into which kiln load.  My method is real high tech.

Yup, little notes on paper in each pot to tell me which kiln load to put it in.  I know, I know, I'm a friggin genius!  I do this when I measure how much liquid the mugs and bowls will hold so I can list that measurement in their listings.  Measure each one, put a scrap of paper in it with the number of ounces it holds, I now don't have to remember each measurement when I move over to my desk to list them.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New look!

Trying out a new look to the blog.  Whaddya think?

Will have some more random pottery stuff up in a day or two.  I've been too busy making pottery to write about it.  Buster is loving having me out there though!