Sunday, October 19, 2008

The lights went out

Woke up thinking there was no power in the house. Turns out, it's just the bedroom and the pottery studio that are without power.

I've thrown every circuit in the curcuit breaker, but no luck. I don't seem to be fixing it. I'm really frustrated because now I'm probably going to have to call an electrician, spend money I don't have, and I can't do any pottery!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meet the Buster Boy

This is Buster. He's my studio cat.

Well, he's not actually my cat. He's a neighborhood cat that just showed up and started hanging around. I mean really, we already had enough cats here. 5 indoor cats and 2 that live on our deck (ferals that I officially adopted).

But this cat was coming around regularly enough that he needed to be caught and fixed, so we did that. Sorry Buster, no more babies for you.

As you can imagine, we didn't see much of him for a time after that. But then he started showing up again. He'd hang out on the deck with the other 2 ferals. Then he started to let me pet him a bit. Then he started letting me pick him up. Then he started showing up every darned day!

Yes, every day. Ok, so now we anecdotely have 8 cats! But he still went away at night and we didn't know where he went.

Well now he's decided that he actually likes my pottery studio. My studio is a small woodshed on my property and it has a cat door because I thought the 2 ferals would like it at night. They don't, but guess who does!

So there's a little space heater in there (very safe) with an old bar stool right next to it with all the warm air going right where the tush of the stool is. And it's right behind my pottery wheel. So now I always have a cat sitting right behind my head as I'm throwing on the wheel.

When I drive up my driveway, I often see the cat waiting on the stoop of my house waiting for me to get home. When I leave the pottery studio, he waits on the stoop for me to come back. He's rather insistant that I pay attention to him. And over the last couple of days, when I've gotten up in the morning and walked out to the studio, there he is, sleeping on his barstool.

So I officially have a Pottery Pal in my studio. He's very cuddly, loves to be up on my shoulders. So much that sometimes when I'm throwing, he jumps onto my shoulder so I ruin what I'm working on. He really likes me. I really like him too.