Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Makin biscuits!

I love runny, drippy glazes.  And I really like experimenting with them.  Unfortunately, no matter how well I kiln wash my shelves, I end up doing a lot of maintenance to clean up the drips from the mugs and plates that secure themselves to the shelves.

So I've made some biscuits!  By extruding a thin coil, I was able to make several of these triangular clay things.  All of them are nice and flat and each one is the same height as another.  I intend to kiln wash them, and then I can put them under any pieces with potentially runny glazes.

I chose a triangular shape because I can add several together to help guard my shelves no matter how large a piece might be.

Part of the goal was to make them as short as possible so I don't lose a lot of kiln space.