Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's been going on around here

Hey folks,

I haven't been blogging much because it's been boring stressful stuff.  So here's a big ole post to catch you up on what's been going on around here.

When we last heard from Buster, he was at the vet.  He was a very good boy and took all his medicine.  He got very accustomed to hanging out in the laundry room and now tends to follow us into the house whenever he gets the chance.  He showed up at just the right times for the week we had to give him meds and he healed very nicely.

Then a few days later, this walks in.

That's not rain water folks, that's mud.  Pure mud.  Layers and layers of mud.

That's what the towel looked like after the THIRD time wiping him down.

Even brushing him the next day yeilded a big pile of dirt on the floor.

We think some mud got into his eye because it's been watery and a little crusty.  We've flushed it out with warm water a few times (oh yeah, he loved that) and have been checking him several times a day.  It seems to be pretty much cleared up now.

In other news, the big deal around here has been our electricity.  I had the electrician come by to consult about upgrading the wiring in the pottery studio and to find a way to heat the place.  While he was here, all of the power in the house blinked and we tracked it down to the primary breaker leading to the house.

Two main circuits power our house and one completely blew out.  So for about a week, we were living off extension cords and such so we could get light and computer use in the parts of the house that no longer had power.  And all major appliances had to be shut down so no cooking, no laundry, no fun.

After jackhammering a portion of our carport and digging a 4 foot hole in the ground, our power box has been completely replaced!  Yay!  Our house isn't going to burn down now!

As long as we were at it, we went ahead and upgraded the studio.

I know that picture doesn't show much, but it shows what's missing.  No more cords and power switches hanging from the ceiling!  When I walk in, there's actually a light switch that powers the light!  YES!  Of course, I still automatically reach up when I walk in the door, but I'm sure I'll get over that soon.

And check it out, a properly installed heating unit.  *drool*  It works great.  I can actually work in the middle winter now!  And Buster is thrilled of course.  He has his own private heated little house.

So now that I'm able to work again, I'm trying out a new tool.  Specifically, The Steve Tool.
Loving it!  And it demonstrates my trademark cleanliness as it sits on the counter caked in mud.  Oh well.  I do a lot of other things well, cleaning isn't one of them.

I'm also working on a lot of lidded forms right now for some reason.  So here's a few things I've made with my new tool, in my newly powered studio!

So that's what I've been up to. 

Buster thanks you for stopping by!



1. pots look great.

2. so happy buster is well...and clean? (by the way, he looks just like a cat my sister had named Buster!)

3. a heater that works great for the studio? what is it? i am using an electric heater and propane heater in a very cold basement - it takes forever to heat the space to 65 - but you seem happy with yours. wondering what is is.

AlexMMR said...

Buster is clean! But he has a new scratch behind his ear today. He's quite the scrapper!

I'm not exactly sure what the heater is to be honest with you. It's a self-contained box that's hardwired in. So it's not a space heater that you plug into an outlet. It's one that an electrician has to install.

Average temp around here since we installed it has been about 50 so it hasn't needed to work very hard. And the studio is about 14x14 so it's heating a very small space. I'm leaving it turned down to "warm" at night and just kicking it up in the morning when I plan on being in the studio later that day to try to save on energy a bit.

mv said...

Uga Buga Bowels of Time Warp Hell :) If it's not the chat, it's the interesting posts. I am spending WAY too much time on this blog LOL That is too say you are doing a great job sistah! Wicked cool!