Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weighty Issues

I believe my defining moment in sports came when I was a child playing soccer. My dad was the coach and I remember all of the kids running after the ball while I attempted to run behind them never quite catching up. At one point I realized, "Meh, they'll come back. Why chase them when they're just going to run back this way anyway?" And thus my athlectic career abruptly ended.

I despise exercise. With a fiery passion. Detest it. But here I am, back at my Weight Watchers start weight, again, and have decided I need to do something about it.

We got a treadmill from my parents several months back and my husband has been pretty good about putting some time in on it. I have not. My goal was to start out with 5 minutes a day and work my way up. I gave up on that goal about 3 minutes in.

So here I am again, setting new goals. I've decided that I'm going to try to put 100 miles on the treadmill in the next year. And for every 10 miles we put in, my husband and I receive a 10 minute massage. He's much closer to his first massage than I am, but I'm battling.

I've found that if I turn the display off and just read a magazine on the treadmill until I'm bored, I tend to put in about 5x as much time as I did before when I was watching the minutes tick by. I just did .7 miles in about 15 minutes. Much more than I did before!

And I've also decided that I can't get a white chocolate mocha every day. I noticed the calorie count on those at Starbucks the other day and got really depressed. So my food goal is to get one every other day and make due with normal coffee that I make at home on my non-mocha days. At least I'm saving a couple of bucks.

I realize these goals are pretty pathetic. They aren't going to get me anywhere fast. But once I reach these goals, I can set a goal to be a little bit better than the goals I just acheived. Hopefully with time, I'll have worked my way up to goals that will actually help the weight come off rather than just slowing down how quickly it packs on.

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