Sunday, December 5, 2010

I played in the clay

It's been a few months since I've had the inclination to do any pottery but I gave it a go again today.

It made Buster very happy.  I haven't been as attentive to him as usual because he's an outside cat which means he might carry that bacteria that pregnant women are supposed to avoid.  So if I do pet him, I have to wash up right after.  I haven't been ignoring him, just not as attentive as usual.  So he was quite happy to sit above me while I spun clay for an hour and then I gave him a good 5 minute nurfle.

Made a bunch of mug bodies.  But I think when I go to put handles on them tomorrow I'm going to find the mugs to be too obnoxiously large to keep.  Just wasn't quite on the ball like I usually am.  But that's no surprise.  It's been months, I'm pregnant, and my coordination is off. 

Oh well, I had fun, Buster had fun, and maybe something will come of it!

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