Friday, February 4, 2011

Well, that didn't work

My test tiles showed that one of my reds over clear glaze makes a really nice red that shows off stamped designs.

So I diligently glazed a lovely set of teacups in clear.  Then I put on a coat of the red.  Then I put on a second coat of red around the top half, just in case that was too much glaze and it decided to run.  The goal was to intensify the red.

Instead, I got a lovely transparent red over the bottom half of the cups, and instead of evenly darkening around the top, the red and the clear decided to separate so that I ended up with fully glazed cups, but there are globs of red and globs of clear.

Interesting.  Might do that on purpose some day.  But for this set of cups, that's not what I meant!

Who wants a really cheap set of 6 red teacups?  I know where you can get some.


Jilted Rose Creations said...

Even so, they do look interesting!

Pottery Figurines said...

I think the cups look absolutely lovely! They have a nice unique touch to each of them now. :)