Monday, March 7, 2011

Artfire SEO

One of the many reasons (and there are many) that I have opted to sell my pottery via Artfire instead of Etsy is the sheer intelligence of the marketing team headed by Tony Ford.

Where Etsy does what it can to promote itself as an entity, small sellers be damned, Artfire is constantly learning and then turning around and teaching us sellers how to be successful for ourselves.  When I head into the forums and ask questions, the knowledge I receive from the staff at Artfire would rival any education I could find elsewhere.  While one day I do hope to go back to school and earn a degree in Marketing, I'm grateful that Tony and his cohorts are so generous in sharing their knowledge.

To that end, they have written several guides on SEO.  All of this information is linked throughout Artfire, and Eos of Steampunk Sweatshop has compiled all of the information into one handy document.

So enjoy the fruits of their labor and learn all they have to teach you through these SEO Guides!

And keep checking out new information that Artfire puts out for their users.  SEO and marketing strategies are changing all the time and they really do work hard to keep us in the loop.


gk said...
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gk said...

(Ok, that was weird. Somehow I deleted my original post. Oh well!)

Thanks for the kudos! I'm happy to be in such an engaging environment.

I love your work!

- Eos -

Nancy said...

Glad to hear this. I heard great things about that site. Love your blog...and your cat ;-) I popped over from Bird Bath & Beyond (Cindy).

Winsome Creations said...

Ditto that. I still sell on Etsy because sales are trickling in and I think its look does fit my niche... but I devote a large portion of my time mingling in the AF forums. I learn so much there from everyone else, and I think that's crucial when you sell online.

By the way, I LOVE your pottery pieces. When I do my wedding registry, I am definitely putting your work on there so I can own some of it!