Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Buster Scarf

We've had some storms the last couple of nights around here so I moved Busters kibble dish from the porch to inside the pottery studio.  I used to feed the cats in the studio but stopped because the raccoons were becoming far too comfortable in there and the cats would get chased out.  But since they aren't really accustomed to looking for food there and the dish is only large enough for one serving, I've decided to try feeding Buster in the studio for the time being.  We'll see how that goes.

But today, I didn't see Buster until about 5pm.  This is odd because he's usually hanging around a good 22 hours out of every day.  But he finally showed up.  Just sauntered in like he owns the place.

After dinner, I went back out to the studio to trim some bowls that I threw yesterday.  Well, apparently I wasn't paying enough attention to the boy.  As I was trimming, I felt a couple of paws on my thigh.  And the claws started digging in.  Oh crap, he's gonna jump!

Rather than have him jump up onto my bowl and tear my leg off in the process, I picked him up intent on depositing him onto his bar stool.  He was having none of the stool!  As soon as I got him in my hands, he scrambled up my chest, onto my shoulder and draped himself around the back of my neck.

Now look at the pictures. I'll post them again.

This is not a long, lean, graceful cat.  This is a big, solid, chunk 'o' cat!  This does not drape elegantly around the shoulders.  This is not a cat that I could walk around town with, hardly noticing his presence.  No, with him around my neck, every movement I make means several pounds of fur must tippy toe to readjust his weight to make sure he doesn't fall.

I figured oh what the hell.  Let him stay there as long as he has the patience to do the balancing dance.  This'll last all of 10 seconds and he'll jump to his stool.

I was wrong.

He stayed up there while I worked for a good 5 minutes or so before jumping onto my table to look at me in disappointment.  And then my neck was really cold.

If anyone has any hints or devices I could use to hold a cat on my shoulders, he'd really appreciate it.  I don't mind carrying the weight and whenever I hold him, he does attempt to balance up there.  Maybe I need to make some sort of shoulder shelf or something.

List your suggesstions in the comments!

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ArtTales said...

hehe nothing wrong with a kitty scarf ;) mine is part parrot and loves sitting on my shoulder.