Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New products in development

I'm working on a couple of new things.  Sadly, only have pics of one of them.

Our household is populated by 2 humans and 4 cats, plus an assortment of fish, frog, and geckos.  One cat in particular is curious about everything and nibbles on everything.  His name is Mayday.  Trust me, he's earned his name.

Far too much text without a picture.  Let's change that.  Here's the Before:

Here's the After:

Mayday is the big orange one, Jipsee if the little black one.  Jipsee tends to win these battles.

Mayday is the main reason we have no plants in the house.  He can get onto every surface we have in the house no matter how high or isolated.  He finds a way.

So one of the things I'm working on are upside down flower pots. The goals is to be able to hang plants from the middle of the ceiling so Mayday can't get to them.

It's like a regular flower pot but the bottom is cut out and there are a couple of holes on the rim.  Put some twine through the rim holes so the pot can hang from the ceiling.  I'm working on how to make these so that water and dirt doesn't then fall out of the bottom where the plant pokes through. 

A lot of plants will grow straight down while others will curve around the pot and grow up.  Once I get a couple of them made, hubby and I will try a few different plants and see if they work well.  Once we have some successful plants growing when hanging from the ceiling, I'll make some more and make them available for purchase.

The next thing I'm working on actually got an enthusiastic response from the hubby.  This is a big thing.  Pretty much the only irritation I have with my husband is that his answers to any question have zero enthusiasm.  I get a lot of "this is nice" or "yeah, I guess we could go to a movie".  ARGH!!  So when I was telling him about this new thing that I'm making and he got excited and went to the pottery studio to see it, I was a bit flabbergasted.

Yeah, I hear you.  What the hell is that???

It's a chicken roaster.  I read something about how some people cook a chicken by mounting it onto a can of beer and then the beer infuses the chicken with moisture and flavor from the inside as it roasts.

Personally, beer is the last flavor I want anything infused with.  So with this, you can fill the cup with a marinade, spices, butter, etc.

Hubby suggested I add some large handles so I did that. 
Hopefully these are large enough to grip when wearing oven mitts.

And his first comment was "Oh cool!  The pan will catch the drippings so I can make gravy."  So I molded a little bit of a spout to make it easier to pour the gravy out.

Assuming this prototype doesn't crack as it dries or in the kiln, we'll experiment with some recipes and see what works and what doesn't and then readjust the design as needed.

It will probably be about a year before we have thoroughly tested these two designs.  Of course the plants will take about a year to fully grow (or fail) in the upside down pots and we'll want to try cooking with this pan several times before I start making it for sale.  But once both have been tested thoroughly in the wild, they'll be available to the public at large!

And because no blog post is complete without a little Buster, here he is, starring in what I like to call "Anatomy of a spoiled brat".

Notice the personal heater, the little cubby hole to trap the heat, the catnip infused bed, the custom made kibble and water dishes that are always full which he can eat from will still in bed.  Yes, breakfast in bed!  The lucky little bastard!

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