Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What now?

It took almost a year but I finally figured out how to make a chicken roaster that works well and doesn't crack as it's being made.  Check it out!

So now, onto my next challenge.  I have a thing for marbled colors.  So far I've been happy to see this in my agateware but now it's just not as satisfying.  Instead of truly marbled, they are swirled.  So I'm working on making some mugs and bowls that are truly marbled.

They are very work intensive and mixes up a ton of clay that then can't be used for their colors afterwords,  but I think the effect is worth it.  It's gonna take a lot of practice before I can make them successfully often enough to list them for sale.  And they'll probably be expensive. 

But that's what I'm working on next!

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