Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More randomness

Selling tip - Amazon now allows non amazon items to be in your wishlist.  You just grab the link they provide and as you're websurfing, you click on the link and it clarifies what item on that page you want on your amazon wish list.  Now all your friends know to buy you that special glaze from the shop across the country.

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And now back to random crap in my studio.

Shop towels.  I LOVE THEM!!  They are thicker and lusher than papertowels but otherwise function the same.  These will smear the clay off your hands pretty well when the phone rings while you're in the middle of throwing.  I get mine at costco.  And yes, this one individual does go through a coscto size package all on my lonesome.

This is an old cd rack.  When I'm throwing mugs with the insertable bats (more below) the mug and bat fit perfectly on this.  And it's easy to cover all at once with a giant garbage bag or leave to air dry.  Got it for a buck or two at the thrift store.  The bottom is cased in concrete so it don't tip over.

I love this bat system.  I mostly throw mugs and cereal bowls and I don't need 10 inch wide bats for that.  With this, I just pop a small bat into the square, throw, and then pop that bat back out and set aside.  Brilliant!  Space is major commodity at my studio so anything that saves space makes me happy.

Pegboard.  Brilliant!!  Thank you previous owners who lined a wall of my studio with the stuff.  I'm one of those people that if I can't see it and grab it immediately, it may was well not be there.  Look at all the crap hanging on my wall.

These are brilliant as well.  Pegboard shelves.  The perfect size to set a drying mug on when I need to get it out of the way.  It's a place for little things like my clay inkstamppads, or the flower pot that I'm going to do something with some day, honest!  Or to hold the random rolling pin.
I'm still trying to figure out how to do the protography for my etsy site.  This was one option.  I just ordered a table top light tent kit which comes with lights and stuff we'll see if that increases the quality at all.  Tell me, when you're shopping for this kind of thing, what do you want to see in the pictures?  What's important to you?  This was taken on my bar with a blue suede jacket toss over a shelf.  The bar provided most of the light and I put tissue over my flash to diffuse it.  They say the flash is pure evil but it was really the only way to properly light the darned thing.  What do you think?

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