Sunday, October 25, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris Mug of Pure Awesome

Normally I don't just post about a product I've put up for sale but this mug is just too damn awesome not to share.  So here it is, available for sale on  [quick update - this sold a couple of days after I posted this.  And my etsy store is closing in favor of Artfire]

What does NPH have to do with a mug that doesn't even have his picture on it? I'll tell ya. The lifespan of this mug will mimic the awesomeness of NPH's career.

It starts out as a serviceable mug. It does it's job of carrying your coffee around the office. It's a little bumpy, maybe even a little funny lookin. Co-workers will comment that it's a huge, bumpy mug you got there. But you know how inherently awesome it is, so you soldier on, a fan of your mug.

But you get sick of the comments so you take it home. And it continues to do it's job. Graduating from coffee to cocoa with marshmellows. Eventually growing into the mug that holds a days worth of soup when you're sick. Such a great mug, always there to do just what you need it to do.

Then it starts to appear in the office again. You boldly proclaim the awesomeness of your mug while your coworkers scoff that it was a childish novelty that can't possibly be so great as an adult.

But then they start to realize it's true power. Your mug sets you apart. Everyone knows when they pass by your desk and see this mug, that someone bold and brazen sits there. They see the wonderful colors cascading inside the mug. You have not wavered in your fandom for this mug and now the mug itself is seen as the true meaning of awesome! And you are the visionary who saw it's potential from the beginning!

Your coworkers now bow down to your mug in the break room, for they know that when you proclaim that you get the first cup of coffee, it means you get the ONLY cup of coffee! You're pounding it 28 fluid ounces at a time! And when your mug leads you to that coffee maker, all others cower in fear. No ordinary mug can stand beside your NPH Mug of Pure AWESOME!!! World domination is imminent!!

*ahem* Excuse me. Here are the technical specs:
Holds 28 oz

5 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter

Black glaze that bursts blue randomly throughout

Nice big handle for that man size grip

Thrown on the pottery wheel, altered, fired to cone 6

Safe for the microwave, oven, and dishwasher

Are you awesome enough to own such a mug?

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